Monday, December 17, 2018

Smile, It's Monday: Your Weekly Wake-up Call to Make a Difference in the World

I am the one who sees. From back in here somewhere, 
I look out, and I am aware of the events, thoughts, 
and emotions that pass before me. 
--- Michael Singer

You have both a player within who takes action from day to day and a spectator within who observes the player and evaluates what she or he does.

The relationship between the player and the spectator is paradoxical: the player must leave the field to build their comfort with the spectator, yet if the player doesn’t have an initial faith in the spectator they won’t seek out this meeting.

In other words, you have to take time to dream to build your self-faith, yet you need self-faith to feel comfortable dreaming—and spending time with the spectator—in the first place.

Your success depends on your willingness to take a leap of faith and believe in the goodness and beauty within. This leap of faith builds your comfort with yourself, which enables you to dream and create a vision for your life.

To better understand the spectator, take some time this week to think about what you are content with in your life. Then reflect on what makes you feel uncomfortable – what makes you say to yourself, “This is not as it should be! The world simply should not be like this.”

Your discomfort will lead you to your passion and the discovery of what you want to change in the world.

Anthony Silard is the president of The Center for Social Leadership, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC and the author of the Simon & Schuster book The Connection: Link Your Passion, Purpose, and Actions to Make a Difference in the World. To receive Smile, It's Monday every other week, enter your email here (1-step only). To support The Center for Social Leadership's Young Leaders Program for disadvantaged youth either directly or through purchases, click here.

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