Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Do you strive to be a successful leader?

A Harvard study found that 85% of a leader’s success is attributable to personal character. Leadership—whether personal or organizational—hinges on the development of character. Anthony Silard, Ph.D. defines leadership as “the capacity to develop multiple key relationships toward a common purpose.”

Anthony Silard, Ph.D. has taught the art of communication to over hundreds of thousands of executives over the past 25+ years. He has developed an interactive and engaging model that creates a simulated environment and enables anyone to work through their most sensitive issues with the people they most care about. You are invited to our Compassionate Communication Workshop on May 4th, 2019 in Claremont, CA. This is a donation-based event whose proceeds go to foster youth leadership programs in San Bernardino. Facilitator Dr. Silard holds the belief that in these divided times, we cannot build community without the ability to effectively communicate. 

Ready to get connected with your community and learn to communicate more effectively? Visit us at Meetup.com/Got-Disconnection for more information. Want to help build community with us? Spread the word by sharing our event with family, friends, and coworkers!

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