Friday, December 4, 2009

How Do You Handle Life's Difficult Moments?

What I write is often related to what has transpired in my life. I don't think I'm alone in this dynamic as a writer. You can't squeeze an orange and get grapefruit juice; if you squeeze an orange you can only get orange juice. To be authentic, a writer expresses what they know, what lies within.

Sometimes in life we get kicked in the ass. We think that we have it all, only to wake up one day with our nose in the dirt, reeling and prostrate in a cloud of dust.

A small tree in a damp, cold forest waits, looking for the light. When it catches a glimpse of sunshine, when a ray of the sun filters through the canopy, it grows toward it. That's why you can take a walk in the jungle and see thousands of trees less than a foot in diameter and over fifty feet high. They grow toward the sun. They must to survive. We are no different. We are always making the choice between living and decaying; between growth and death. We can remain cowering in the dirt and protect our wounds, or we can stand up, splash some water on our face, wash off the dirt, and live again. The choice is always ours.

I hope you will enjoy this, and that it will cause you to pause, to take a short break from your busy schedule, to reflect on your own life, and to choose growth. Please make a comment and share your thoughts. After you click on the link, scroll down below the sunset picture and start there:


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